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Course Description

Learning Objectives

After reviewing this module, you will be able to:

  • Define Autism, and understand the concept of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Explain the history of Autism and how the concept first came to light

  • Acknowledge the biological and environmental factors that may contribute to the development of Autism in a person, while simultaneously understanding that no concrete cause for the disorder has yet been discovered

  • Answer questions about the former categorizations of the disorder, and how the condition was considered to have different forms, until recent shifts in its definition by the American Psychiatric Association(APA) changed the Autism landscape.

  • Identify a variety of signs and symptoms associated with Autism, which are helpful for a diagnosis of the disorder in an effected person

  • Describe available treatment options including therapeutic interventions, lifestyle changes, and medication for the disorder

  • Recognize the stigma that exists with regards to Autism and the discrimination it results in for people struggling with the condition

  • Delve into sources that can provide the accurate tools for the management of Autism

  • Comprehend what nursing assistants should do when they are interacting with an Autistic client

Course Curriculum

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